Mango Sticky Rice (Quick Version)

Mango sticky rice is a popular Thai dessert made with fresh mango pieces, sweet sticky rice and a drizzle of salted coconut sauce. This recipe includes the traditional and the microwave methods of cooking and our quick process for soaking sticky rice. If you are looking for something simple and easy to make, give this […]

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The Easiest Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

This spicy peanut dipping sauce is so easy and quick to make that you can have it on the table in under 5 minutes. It requires absolutely no cooking and goes brilliantly with rice paper rolls, skewers or anything that needs a strong punchy sauce. Today’s recipe came about when Steph and I wanted something […]

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Vegan Tofu and Shiitake Mushroom Mince

45 degree angle view of a plate of tofu and mushroom mince

My tofu and mushroom mince is perfect for people transitioning to a vegan diet. It was developed to look and taste like a typical Asian pork mince dish I usually have at home with rice. The umami enriched shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce are the top flavours that shine in this dish. The wood ear […]

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Basic Congee – Rice Porridge

This basic congee recipe costs next to nothing to make and can be eaten by everyone from babies to the elderly. There are lots of ways to jazz it up, but congee will always be congee – this is basic home cooking, there to comfort and nurture and carry us through when times are a […]

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Vietnamese Red Coconut Sticky Rice – Xoi Gac (Cheat Version)

Vietnamese Red Coconut Sticky Rice - Xoi Gac Nuoc Dua

My cheat version of red coconut sticky rice (xoi gac nuoc dua) is a great recipe that removes much of the time and hassle that you get with traditional methods. All you will need for this is simply a casserole dish with a lid, a microwave and about 45 minutes! I promise you this is […]

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