Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai

We’ve put up a few Thai posts on this blog lately, and now it’s time for perhaps the most popular Thai dish of all (in Australia anyway) – Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai! Everyone loves this – rice stick noodles, a sweet, tangy and salty sauce, and in this case chicken, prawn and tofu as […]

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Chicken Pad Thai with Spring Vegetables

A very simple chicken pad Thai with spring vegetables that can be easily whipped up in 20 minutes. This recipe is a delicious rice noodle stir-fry that has chunks of tender chicken, crispy asparagus and sugar snap peas. The sauce packs a punch with its classic sweet and sour Thai flavours. Easy and quick to make, this recipe will please anyone who likes southeast Asian food.

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Clear Hot and Sour Soup

A very simple Vietnamese version of clear hot and sour soup that is perfect for cold winter nights! This soup is made with chicken stock, bamboo shoots and cubes of tofu. Finished with shredded chicken and spring onions, this glossy and velvety soup will be a crowd pleaser. This week has been a very eventful […]

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Vegan Tofu and Shiitake Mushroom Mince

45 degree angle view of a plate of tofu and mushroom mince

My tofu and mushroom mince is perfect for people transitioning to a vegan diet. It was developed to look and taste like a typical Asian pork mince dish I usually have at home with rice. The umami enriched shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce are the top flavours that shine in this dish. The wood ear […]

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Vegan Fried Spring Rolls

Vegan Spring Rolls

These vegan fried spring rolls are a fantastic recipe to entertain your friends and family. Each one is packed with minced tofu, shiitake mushrooms and sweet potato which give it an amazing texture and flavour. They can be made in large batches and frozen, so are perfect for making in advance for parties or a […]

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Easy Vietnamese Tofu in Tomato Sauce

Vietnamese Fried Tofu in a Tomato Sauce

Some of my mates think that Steph and I must have the most exciting dishes for dinner. They picture us laughing and smiling at the dinner table with our piping hot bowls of noodle soup made from scratch with a bottle of wine that has been well researched and paired accordingly. Well, nothing could be further […]

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