Quick Red Curry Chicken Noodle Soup

This red curry chicken noodle soup is so easy you will never buy it again! The recipe has very little prep and is nearly as simple as combining ingredients into a pot.

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Creamy Thai Green Chicken Curry

This freezer-friendly Creamy Thai green chicken curry is so simple to make, and has the most amazing textures and flavours. It is made with tender pieces of chicken, bamboo shoots, baby sweetcorn and eggplant, all cooked in a creamy and spicy green curry sauce. Replicate this Thai takeaway favourite today! Many years ago I worked […]

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Cheap and Easy Chicken Curry with Rice

A 45 degree view of a plate of chicken curry with rice.

This chicken curry with rice is seriously one of the best recipes for a weeknight dinner. It is a simplified version of a typical Southeast Asian curry, and is really cheap and easy. It requires hardly any time to prep and most of the cooking is done passively so you can do other things while […]

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