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Scruff and Steph is a food blog that focuses on family recipes, especially traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

Here you will find recipes to feed your family, including ideas to use up what you have on hand, food for entertaining, frugal meals and much-loved desserts.

We want you to succeed in the kitchen! Each recipe is packed with advicedetailed instructions, and lots of progress photos to help you along the way.

We don’t advocate for any particular diet, but we believe we can all do with more vegetables so have included lots of vegetarian and vegan options for you.

About Scruff and Steph – the people!

We’re a married couple living in Canberra, Australia, and have one daughter and two cats. Scruff is of Vietnamese descent, born in Australia, and Steph is Chinese/Scottish born in the UK.

We’ve shared more meals together than we can remember, and while we absolutely love all the food on our blog, few things make us happier than a bowl of two-minute noodles or a family-sized bucket of KFC.

Finally, in case you were wondering, Scruff’s real name is Andrew. He’s been called Scruff since his high school days because he looks really scruffy, and the photo we’ve used for our profile is the neatest one we could find of him….

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– Andrew and Stephanie