Hi we are Scruff and Steph! We want to thank you for visiting our food blog. We are both ordinary people with a shared passion for cooking.  We created this blog to share our stories and fantastic recipes. Scruff is of Vietnamese descent, born in Australia. He doesn’t take most things too seriously but is very, very serious about cooking great meals for our family and friends. Steph is half Scottish/Chinese, born in the UK. She is the responsible and sensible one, who loves baking and finding ways to make ingredients stretch as far as possible. We both love using everyday ingredients and cheap cuts of meat to create amazing dishes full of bold flavours.

A Bit About Us

We have been happily married since 2015 and have one daughter and two cats. We are high school sweethearts who have been together since 2002. We have gone from eating together in cheap restaurants as poor teenagers needing to escape from our parents, to eating at nicer restaurants as young adults, to embracing home cooking once we finally moved out of home and realised we really missed our parents’ cooking.

Our Food Philosphy

We only post recipes for dishes we actually eat. These dishes are a regular part of our home life, and are loved by our friends and family. We’ve refined our methods over many attempts, and only post once we are completely confident in the recipe.

We believe in guilt-free shortcuts. Homecooked meals create a unique sense of comfort, togetherness and wellbeing that you can’t quite get from a takeaway box or from eating out. However we don’t believe this means you need to make absolutely everything from scratch. Many of our recipes use commercially prepared stock, sauces, and other ingredients because they taste good and they’re convenient. It’s great to know how to make these from scratch if you need or want to, but sometimes the time is better spent just hanging out with each other (or washing up).

Homecooked meals should be affordable. We only post what we regularly eat, and we would only eat something regularly if it was affordable and used everyday ingredients. We try to do the best we can with cheaper cuts of meat and from ingredients that contribute significant flavour and nutrition compared to their price. While we haven’t set out to create very frugal meals we do hope we have provided some realistic options for the average household.

Food is about bringing people together. Our blog is not about being fancy or counting calories – it’s about providing inspiration and practical instructions to care for those around you. We believe eating together as a family is an important part of creating a stable home environment, that having friends over for dinner is one of the nicest ways to show you care, and that food plays a key role in any celebration.

Maintaining tradition is important, but innovation is a good thing too. We were both lucky enough to grow up eating lots of traditional Vietnamese, Chinese and British food in our homes. We’ve made an effort to learn the traditional recipes to maintain a sense of family identity and history. However ultimately food needs to suit our tastes, and cooking needs to fit in with our lifestyle and be something we can have fun with – so if we don’t like something, we’ll change things. The recipes we post here are what we’ve liked best in the end, traditional or not.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find something here you like!

Scruff & Steph