Cream of Mushroom Soup with Sausage and Pearl Barley

This cream of mushroom soup recipe is a twist on the traditional version. It has chunks of fried pork sausage that are suspended in the creamy soup to give it pops of flavour. Pearl barley is added to the dish to provide a little texture and bulk. When served with crusty bread, this recipe will be enough to satisfy any lover of mushrooms.

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Lemon Barley Water

When life gives you lemons, make… lemon barley water? Every now and then I’ll find something in some obscure corner of the Internet and it’ll become my little obsession for a week or so. Like kiwifruit bread. Or plarn. I think Scruff’s sort of gotten used to me showing him random stuff I’ve found on […]

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Pearl Barley Salad with Eggs, Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach

One of the hardest things I found with pregnancy was working out what to take to work for lunch. From my first medical appointment I was told to be very careful with eating anything that wasn’t freshly cooked, which ruled out leftovers as well as most food from the food court. I also had to eat a healthy diet, however my standard healthy […]

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